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SOLVE token is a utility token of the Solve.Care - decentralized healthcare platform built on blockchain technology. It is designed for care coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare and benefits around the world.

This is a programmable token that serves as a fuel for the platform and raises a lot of value regarding audibility, reconciliation, reporting, and utilization.

Uses of SOLVE token

SOLVE token has multiple uses across business (B2B), consumer (B2C), government (B2G) and developer (B2D) stakeholders globally.
Business clients
Insurance companies, clinical organizations, employers, ACOs and TPAs, - can sponsor millions of Care.Wallets, launch user-centric Care Administration Networks.
Individuals with families, and their physicians, - use SOLVE tokens to manage patients’ healthcare better and much easier with Care.Cards.
Government agencies use SOLVE token as the fuel for Care Administration Networks to administer healthcare needs of various population groups more effectively.
Developers, integrators and partners use SOLVE tokens when developing and publishing Care.Cards, Care.Protocol extensions to connect with local IT systems to drive global adoption of Solve.Care ecosystem.
Participate in Solve.Care ecosystem by acquiring SOLVE token.

SOLVE token is now available on:

Solve.Care Products

Care.Wallet for Family

This is a healthcare application that allows the user to connect to one or more Care Administration Networks (CAN) to manage their healthcare benefits and manage their health conditions. The application is designed to engage the patient and enables the doctor to deliver the best health outcomes efficiently.

Care.Wallet for Family automatically downloads Care.Cards for tasks such as managing prescriptions, verifying benefits, making appointments, manage disease conditions and simplify the administrative and care coordination.

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Care.Wallet for Physician

This is the application for a clinical or individual provider to view their overall performance as well as individual metrics. With the analytics in the application, the provider knows what to improve to achieve better healthcare outcomes for patients. The latest release enables the provider to receive value-based payments through the application.

These redemptions are the first of its kind in US healthcare history for a healthcare platform on blockchain to use value-based payments inside one of the country’s leading healthcare organizations.

The application is available for 5 500+ physicians of Arizona Care Network (ACN).

Experts about Solve.Care

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