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CAN Economy

To become a member of Care.Community, people must buy and own a certain amount of CAN tokens. This, in turn, will make them highly invested in the growth of Solve.Care platform. And since the supply of CAN tokens is limited, every time a new member joins the community by acquiring and holding CAN tokens, their value increases.

All the jobs made within the community are paid in CAN tokens and follow Community Project Framework. Think of it as of an Upwork for healthcare. The Care.Community will be able to see all projects, bid on them and participate in them.

This is how it works:

A publisher posts the requirements of the card they want to be developed.
Then they either select the best-developed card and pay its creator, or they ask people to submit ideas and prototypes, and once the best prototype is chosen, its developer will make the whole Card for a set amount of CAN tokens.
After the card is developed, it’ll be reviewed. If approved, it’ll appear in the Care Marketplace. Otherwise, it will go back for re-development.

Those who review submissions must have domain expertise, clinical expertise, or financial expertise, depending on the cards they review. They get paid to review the functionality and behavior of the card. So they are not the police, but the trusted contractors of the community.

This is how the community will operate, and the CAN economy will drive the community.

So by joining the Care.Community, you buy CAN tokens to:

Get the ability to earn more CAN tokens by developing Care.Cards and doing expert reviews;
Spend them on publishing your own Care.Cards to build a recurring revenue;
Make a contribution to digitize healthcare system.

So as we develop this economy, people who join us early will not only get a chance to redefine healthcare worldwide, but also to become huge platform beneficiaries. They will take advantage of both ways, from holding and from using CAN tokens.

Originally posted on Medium.

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