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IICO Host Jon Najarian Interviews Pradeep Goel CEO Solve.Care Foundation

During the Solve.Care Token Sale Roadshow organized by Monaco Growth Forums, CEO Pradeep Goel spoke with a host of International ICO Channel Jon Najarian. Here is the highlight of the interview:

“The vision of Care.Wallet is to enable you and me to manage three aspects of healthcare — financial, administrative and clinical. We, as consumers, whether we are in the US, or the UK, or Australia are the recipients of care, not the participants that can manage care. That’s because the logic of healthcare is locked up in centralized systems. We don’t have any visible access to control them.

Our vision is to turn the system into a relationship-centric model. We’ll allow the relationships to be programmed on blockchain easily and it will be governed by a smart contract. This way we can decentralize eligibility, payment authorization, interrogation and payments.

The insurance company can issue me the authority to pay you using the intelligent currency called Care.Coin and it complies with the rules of engagement, so you can’t underpay me and I can’t underpay you. This scheme eliminates a lot of issues in the administration of healthcare and it brings the consumer back into full engagement. It also reduces clinical costs, since we can follow our prescriptions, refills and clinical results.”

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