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July company’s update from Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel

July company’s update from Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel

On Sunday, July 15, CEO Solve.Care Pradeep Goel has shared his look on how the company has grown over the last month:

Pipeline Progress

We are in the midst of contract negotiations with 2 major clients and actively in discussions with 20+ active prospects. We expect to make an announcement about signing a new client, in the near future.

Arizona Care Network (ACN) Delivery

ACN has launched the Provider Care.Wallet with three Care.Cards. The wallet will be available on Google and Apple App Stores before the end of July. ACN is working closely with us to maximize adoption by physician community in Arizona. All is going according to plan and our relationship is very collaborative and strong.

Crypto and Industry Partnerships

We have established several new partnerships to deliver pharmaceutical, consent and enrollment use cases. All partners are actively engaged in developing Care.Cards and pursuing new opportunities. One partner recently presented our solution at the German HQ of a major pharmaceutical and received great feedback. We are working on several other partnerships that
will further accelerate the adoption of our platform. Stay tuned for more updates.

Industry Events

We were in Tokyo, Japan, presenting at two conferences and are planning for our attendance at a major Healthcare on Blockchain event in Washington DC in the middle of August. I recently presented at a Board meeting attended by multiple hospital CEO, COO, and CFOs. They all commented on the compelling nature of the platform and clear value proposition we offer. We
expect a significant follow-up activity with as many as a dozen new hospitals.

Care.Card Design Contest

As many of you already know, we have launched the first design contest for Care.Cards to bring truly innovative design and delightful user experience to Care.Wallet holders worldwide. We have almost 150 parties interested in participating and our jury is made of visionaries and domain experts from major healthcare organizations. The top prize is 100,000 SOLVE tokens for the best design for each of the Care.Cards. So please spread the word.

Token Renaming and Swap

We are pleased to announce that our token has been renamed to SOLVE. All CAN tokens holders will soon be able to swap their tokens, by clicking a new “Swap” button in their wallet.

Bonus Token Award

We are pleased to announce that the 10M bonus tokens that were announced earlier this year have been deposited into the wallets of all pre-sale buyers. Please check your wallet and ensure you have received the bonus tokens, if you are a pre-sale participant and therefore eligible for this bonus. If you encounter any issues, please contact us immediately.

Token Sale Audit Completed

We completed a detailed audit including third-party certification. We are proud to lead the industry in terms of best practices and compliance. No other company that has done a token sale has adopted the rigor that we have, and it helps protect us in the long haul from any interruptions or surprises.

Product Roadmap Acceleration

Consumer Care.Wallet is scheduled to be released 2 months ahead of schedule and will be available on the Google and Apple App Stores before the end of the month. We encourage you all to download and use the highly innovative “How are you feeling today” Care.Card and give us your
feedback. We have also added 10+ Care.Cards to the roadmap based on discussions with clients and partners. We are way ahead of the industry in terms of identifying and building use cases for Healthcare on Blockchain and our clients are clearly excited about them.

New Corporate Website

Marketing team is working on the new corporate website and has released a new corporate color palette that will be used moving forward. The new website features a much more B2B, B2C, B2G and B2D focus than the current site. We welcome feedback from the community.

Team Growth and Office Move

We have successfully moved to a larger office and are planning for the visit from CEO of Arizona Care Network to our Kiev office in first week of August. We are also redoing our offices to make it a very fun environment. Our team has grown since we last sent the update. We have hired 15 more teammates in the last 30 days and planning to hire 35 more over the next 90 days.


We are making huge strides in all three areas of focus — product development, team development and serving clients. I am pleased with the progress and proud of our team. We are building a global platform for healthcare and benefits administration and the feedback from the clients is that we are far ahead of competition including the big consulting/HCIT companies.

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