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Solve.Care audit certification is completed

Solve.Care, by following the post token sale roadmap thoroughly, is proud to announce the end of audit certification.

To achieve the highest possible level of integrity, Solve.Care team has been conducting a comprehensive audit of the token sale.

The audit firm carried out a complex assessment of the quality of the token purchase process by Solve.Care supporters which includes:

  • КYС procedure
  • Documentary proof of the transaction
  • Control of the amounts credited to the cryptocurrency wallet.

“We hereby confirm that Solve.Care team implemented all the necessary processes of control under the transactions, all token buyers got the correct amounts of CAN tokens and all CAN tokens available for the sale were allocated properly among buyers. In our opinion, the process of selling CAN tokens reliably depicts the results of the sale; documentation correctly displays the factual transactions.
KYC procedures were implemented properly. Additional verification procedures will be conducted before unlocking the wallets to eliminate minor issues,” stated the conclusion from the audit firm.

Following the track of the roadmap, Solve.Care team will soon make the announcement about token renaming and swap.

Originally posted on Medium.

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