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Solve.Care post token sale roadmap

We appreciate the Solve.Care community support which always inspires us to work even harder to develop our business further and to maintain the reputation of a global company with profound leadership in healthcare in the blockchain sector. For the convenience of our supporters to understand the global picture as to where the company’s process of token transferability stands, we’ve prepared a post token sale roadmap.

Solve.Care post token sale roadmap includes precise steps and terms, which the company follows strictly to ensure that every supporter has received the right amount of tokens that, in turn, will be transferable on time. The following plan can help the community indicate the exact situation regarding the actions that were made and our next steps.


To achieve the highest possible level of integrity, Solve.Care team has recently finished conducting an initial audit.

The following tracks remain in progress:

Audit recommendations and remediations

by June 15, 2018

Audit certification

by June 22, 2018

The audit firm certifies Solve.Care initial audit.

Token renaming & swap

begins: by June 25, 2018
ends: by July 9, 2018

The name of the token will be changed. A new token name will be revealed prior to the token swap to avoid plagiarism.

To make the tokens transferable, you’ll have to swap them in your Solve.Care wallet. The swap will be done with maximum automatization of the process to make it simple, fast and convenient for the community.

Bonus tokens distribution

by July 16, 2018

10 million bonus tokens are sent to our pre-sale buyers.

Consumer Care.Wallet release

by July 23, 2018

Wallets unlocked

by the end of July 2018

Tokens are now transferable. Solve.Care wallets are unlocked. Community may transfer the tokens to their own wallets.

Airdrop tokens distribution

by the end of August 2018

The tokens are distributed to every Airdrop participant.

We are passionate about our mission to change the global healthcare industry and to grow rapidly, be compliant and make all our supporters benefit greatly in the long-term perspective.

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