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Solve.Care token sale audit is complete on schedule

Solve.Care has closed one of the most successful token sales of the year. Our focus is always on integrity, visibility, and transparency.

To achieve the highest possible level of integrity, Solve.Care team has been conducting a comprehensive audit of the token sale along three tracks — wallet ownership, wallet transactions and adjustments (bonuses, peg, etc.).

We had a large team working on this audit and it reviewed over 30,000 wallets and every transaction in every wallet. The process has been successfully completed. During the audit, a handful of issues were identified and are being addressed and remediated.

We are proud of the effort and diligence of the audit team, and we believe that we are among a very small number of projects who have accomplished this level of audit.

The next step is to have the audit certified and that process will kick off on schedule next week. The auditing firm has given us an estimate of two weeks. We will keep you informed about the certification process and progress.

Solve.Care is marching ahead with tremendous business development and partnership activities. In the month since token sale completed, we have accomplished more than most companies can hope to achieve in a year.

We are arranging an AMA with our CEO and CTO in June to share the news of our progress with our beloved community.

Stay tuned for more updates that will be announced shortly!

Originally posted on Medium.

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