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Ultimate Solve.Care Media Digest: Reviews, Opinions, ICO lists

The word about Solve.Care keeps spreading massively around fintech and crypto industries. We are building a global Blockchain platform and ecosystem for coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare. More and more people keep joining our community. This post is a summary of the massive support that’s been coming from Solve.Care community. Whether you are new to the community or a long-time supporter, find out in our digest how far we’ve come as one strong family through the lens of what third-party reviews think about us.


Read the latest reviews about Solve.Care from the most trustworthy sources of the crypto community

Crush Crypto, rated Solve.Care as Good/Good

“The healthcare industry in many countries, including the US, is inefficient and ripe for disruption. If Solve.Care is able to fulfill its vision, the potential is substantial. We believe the idea is well thought out and provides significant real world benefits. With the project’s team and advisors, we believe it has a good shot to become successful.”

Applicature, rated Solve.Care as top successful token sale of the year

“ Solve.Care aims to decentralize and improve healthcare administration with the help of blockchain implementation. Its goal is to ameliorate the care outcome with the help of effective coordination and cost/inefficiency elimination.”

icoSource, rated Solve.Care as top healthcare platform on Blockchain

“The future looks bright under Solve.Care’s revolutionary upgrade to the healthcare system. Solve.Care have already signed their first commercial client with over 5,500 physicians and 250,000 patient members of their own in Q1 of this year, 2018… It’s exciting to already see such a positive and impactful use of blockchain technology changing many lives for the better. With such strong motivation and support behind this project we can only hope this is a sign of things to come within the blockchain and crypto space.”

Chipin, rated Solve.Care as top project at TNABC Miami 2018

“Healthcare provision — from medical records management to paying for services and obtaining medication and supply and insurance coverage — is one of the hot areas of blockchain disruption and will be for some time. There are multiple players now entering the market globally — and Solve Care is on the leading edge of them.”

It’s blockchain, rated Solve.Care as top token sale of the month

“Solve.Care aims to be a global blockchain solution for coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare. They plan to utilize the blockchain technology to reduce the enormous global clinical and IT system costs associated with our current healthcare system. By replacing duplicative systems and automating complex processes, Solve.Care believes that they can reduce billions of dollars in annual infrastructure costs for healthcare companies.”

CryptoDayTrader, rated as top 2018 token sales worth investing

“With the strength of the team and advisors, established partnerships and the massive growth potential within the healthcare global market, we give Solve.Care a 9.5 out of 10 rating and view Solve.Care as one of the top 2018 ICO’s worth investing in.”


“With drastic price increases in healthcare, Solve.Care has the potential to shine if it achieves its vision of integrating into the healthcare system using blockchain technology to lower cost, reduce fraud and increase efficiency.”


“Solve.Care states it can perform the current healthcare administration tasks at 3% of the total spend via blockchain. Executing the current administration tasks more efficiently is no surprise, especially when looking at the complicated linear process of finding a doctor to settling the insurance claims. The Solve.Care platform would connect everyone in a much more efficient network. If it can pull off the daunting task of effectively simplifying the current insurance-healthcare process, Solve.Care will be providing a huge service to the end consumers.”


Thorough articles that describe how we are going to disrupt global healthcare and also our biggest milestones

Electronic Health Reporter, Is Blockchain the Remedy for the Ailing Healthcare System?

“In terms of healthcare, a company called Solve.Care has undertaken the challenge of solving the existing problems in the healthcare system using the blockchain.”

Healthcare IT News, Arizona ACO adopts blockchain platform to improve outcomes, gain efficiencies

“Arizona Care Network, an accountable care organization, will pilot a blockchain platform developed by Solve.Care with the aim to improve clinical outcomes, relieve administrative burdens and reduce waste.”

Unlock Blockchain, Solve.Care, a platform to transform healthcare with Blockchain, targets the Middle East

“Solve.Care is a new project that uses Blockchain technology to create a more decentralized and transparent system for healthcare transactions, while reducing the annual healthcare costs in the world. Real time updates are provided on the platform to all the participants, enabling physician offices to check patient eligibility and benefits details, coordinate care, and eliminate payer reimbursement bottlenecks.”

The Fintech Times, Pradeep Goel — 26 years of reshaping the Healthcare industry

“Solve.Care is a new, healthcare-focused company that aims to tackle many of the inefficiencies of the healthcare system using Blockchain technology. Its founder, Pradeep Goel, is a veteran of this industry, with 4 successful companies and 26 years of experience under his belt. He has also been named in the Goldman Sachs list of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the world.”

Coinfeeds, How Cryptocurrency Can Transform Our Healthcare

“ One part of Solve.Care Foundation’s mission is to introduce Care.Coins — these coins are a kind of ‘intelligent’ payment token which will allow for much greater accountability and transparency for healthcare and benefit transactions within the system. Using these coins will make the vast numbers of administrative and financial transactions that go on inside a health system very simple and quick. You will be able to see who has paid what or done what, at what time, and every party in the system has access to that record at the same time.”

ICO lists

Top rated ICO lists has conducted the review about us and marked us with the score

ICO bench — 4,1 out of 5

Track ICO — 5 out of 5

ICO Crunch — 4 out of 5

Wiser ICO — 4.3 out of 5

Community about us

The most heartwarming section of the whole blog post. Our dearest community members wrote their personal opinion on why you should choose Solve.Care over other token sales

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Video reviews and interviews

In case you are too overwhelmed with the amount of text above, grab a cup of tea and watch some reviews and interviews about Solve.Care

· CrushCrypto: ICO Review: Solve.Care (CAN) — Platform for Decentralization of Healthcare

· Moonshot: Solve.Care ICO | Healthcare On The Blockchain |

· Solve.Care Foundation | Making Healthcare Affordable & Easy for Everyone | CEO Pradeep Goel


Listen to our CEO Pradeep Goel and Dr. David Randall in the podcast form

· The Bad Crypto Podcast, ICO Spotlight:, FluzFluz, Dether

· The Bitcoin Podcast, Episode #179: Innovations and Healthcare

· The Future of Healthcare, 025: Blockchain, The Newest Health Technology Frontier — Dr. David Randall, Ph.D.

Solve.Care team deeply appreciates your support and feedback. The reviews above give us extra motivation to develop the best platform that will empower the patients with accountable information and control over all administrative processes between patients, doctors and insurers.

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