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You are a significant part of our success. As a member of the Solve.Care Community, you bring awareness to the world about our products and our mission. If you’re reading this, it means you’re already one of the most important links in our Solve.Care Community. And to show our appreciation, we have prepared lots of prizes for our most active members.

Now announcing, our Community loyalty program Solve’n’Reward!


How can you participate?

  • Join our Telegram

  • Be active in our Community activities & earn Community Points

  • Trade Community Points for your favorite prize

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How many Community Points can you earn?

  • Actively participate in Telegram group discussion (see Activities overview )

    • 1 day

      10 Community Points
    • 3 days in a row

      50 Community Points
    • 7 days in a row

      100 Community Points
  • Share healthcare market news

    25 Community Points
  • Share a Solve.Care SM post

    40 Community Points
  • Ask the question in an AMA

    50 Community Points
  • Share a personal healthcare story and a Solve.Care solution

    100 Community Points
  • Participate in a Solve.Care contest and quiz

    100 Community Points
  • Win a quiz

    200 Community Points
  • Win a contest

    300 Community Points
  • Prepare original materials about Solve.Care or SOLVE Token (Graphic, Diagram)

    400 Community Points
  • Write an original article about Solve.Care or SOLVE Token (Medium, Reddit, etc. )

    500 Community Points


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  • Who can participate in the Solve'n'Reward loyalty program?

    All members of Solve.Care’s Telegram community can participate in the Community loyalty program (see Terms and Conditions). To participate, perform your first activity (see list), and our admins will add you to our leaderboard
  • How long will this program last?

    This program doesn’t have any specific end date.
  • How will Community Points be calculated?

    Community Points will be calculated on a monthly basis for activity between the first and the last day of any given month.
  • How can I earn Community Points?

    Perform any activity from the list of activities to earn a specific number of Community Points.
  • How can I check my balance?

    Visit the official Solve'n'Reward webpage to check your current balance and the leaderboard.
  • How can I get my prize?

    Once you have enough Community Points for the prize you want, DM one of our admins in Telegram ( Yevheniy Mike Rudy ) to redeem for a prize.
  • What happens to my Community Points if I don't redeem them?

    You have 3 days after the last day of a month to redeem your Community Points. Community Points do not rollover to the next month.
  • Is there a limit to how many times I receive prizes?

    You may collect as many prizes as you want, based on your Community Points balance, without limit.
  • What is the maximum number of Community Points I can earn?

    There is no maximum. The number of Community Points you collect depends on how many activities you perform between the first and last day of any given month.
  • Can I get Community Points for other activities that are not on your list?

    Yes, if these activities help increase Solve.Care brand awareness and community engagement. Admins have the right to reward Community members with additional Community Points and decide on a case-by-case basis.
  • How many prizes are in stock?

    There are no limits on the prizes. Prizes offered, however, may vary by month.

Activities Overview

  • What is "active discussion"?

    Active discussion in the Solve.Care Telegram group includes: participating in a constructive dialogue with other Community members; sharing your thoughts and ideas with others; commenting on official announcements; or, taking part in community polls.
  • What is “Share healthcare market news”?

    Share in Solve.Care Telegram group latest news and updates from healthcare market, blockchain in healthcare innovations, solutions, developments etc.
  • What is “Solve.Care Social media post reshare”?

    Pick any announcement from the official Solve.Care announcement channel, share it on any social media, and tag or add link to Solve.Care’s Telegram group - MAX 20 Community points per day.
  • What social media can I use for sharing?

    You may use Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, or Bitcointalk.
  • What is “BLwCW”?

    Better Lives with Care.Wallet (BLwCW) is our weekly column that gives a closer look at common healthcare problems and how Solve.Care can improve them with Care.Wallet. Pick any BLwCW story, share it on any social media, and tag Solve.Care’s Telegram group. - MAX 25 Community points per day.
  • What is "Prepare materials about the SOLVE Staking Program"

    Write a post or article about Solve.Care's Staking Program, share it on any social media, and tag or add a link to Solve.Care’s Telegram group.
  • What is “Personal healthcare story and Solve.Care solution”?

    Tell us about one of your experiences with healthcare services or medical problem you’ve faced and how Solve.Care could help you make it better. - MAX 40 Community points per day.
  • What is “Best AMA question”?

    Take part in our monthly Live CEO Updates and ask constructive, relevant questions. The best question will be chosen by the CEO.
  • What is “Prepare original materials about Solve.Care”?

    Help others gain a better understanding of the Solve.Care Platform by creating an original Graphic or Diagram about Solve.Care or SOLVE Token and sharing it to Solve.Care Telegram group.
  • What is “Article creation about Solve.Care or SOLVE Token”?

    Write an original article on Reddit, Medium, or a personal blog describing key points about the Solve.Care Platform, SOLVE Token, or Care.Wallet and share it with the Community in the Solve.Care Telegram group.
  • What is "Share a post about SOLVE Staking Program"

    Pick one of the latest Staking Program announcements from the official Solve.Care channels, share it on any social media, and tag or add a link to Solve.Care’s Telegram group.
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