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Active community members help to enhance awareness of our goals and products. Solve'n'Reward aims to reward the Top 20 most active supporters on our Leaderboard each month.

Now announcing, our Community loyalty program Solve'n'Reward!

Leaderboard Ranking & Prizes

The Top 20 individuals on our Leaderboard receive token rewards to their MetaMask Wallet.
Top 20 Ranking Voucher Prize (USD value) Rewards Pot
1 150 150
2 120 120
3 100 100
4 to 10 90 630
11 to 20 50 500
Total 1500
A snapshot of the leaderboard will be taken at the start of the month to include all the previous month's contributions. We'll confirm the Top 20 winners in our Telegram channel.

How to be a winner?

  • Join our Telegram

  • Earn Community Points (CPs) by doing activities

  • Rank within the Top 20 at the end of the month

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Activities that Earn Rewards

Activity Community Points Proof
1. Share current Solve.Care news to your social media channel/s
  • High engagement share 50 CPs
  • Low engagement share 20 CPs
  • Benchmarks will help decide which score a submissions get
  • Max 50 CPs/day, Max 1500 CPs/mth
Submit your single best share each day as a link.
2. Share a recent item about Solve.Care in our Telegram
  • Max one per month 150 CPs
  • Link to a news item, blog, video, event, Q&A
  • Very briefly bullet point something you learned from it about Solve.Care
  • Include a question for readers
  • Be creative as quality and response account for two-thirds of points
  • Max 150 CPs/mth
Submit the link to the Telegram post where you shared an item and attracted a good response
3. Ask a question answered during an official AMA
  • For each AMA 100 CPs
  • Max 1000 CPs/mth
Submit the link to the Telegram poll confirming your question was answered
4. Invite a friend to join the Solve.Care Telegram community
  • Once active 15+ days, claim 75 CPs
  • Max 375 CPs/mth
  • Invite during 1st half of month
Submit the link introducing @username details once your friend has been active in Telegram for 15+ days
5. Create a simple quiz on a Solve.Care topic
  • Coordinate an original 5-question quiz on the Telegram 150 CPs
  • Max 150 CPs/mth
  • Link to a Solve.Care blog or similar in which the answers can be found
  • With support from the Quiz Collective to ensure it is original
Submit the link to your Telegram quiz post
6. Write an original blog about Solve.Care and share it
  • Write & Share blog 500 CPs
  • Max 500 CPs/mth
  • With support from the community Writers Collective to ensure standards
  • Propose, draft, revise and publish a blog on a specific topic
  • Share related Tweet on Telegram & attract claps, retweets & likes
Submit the link to your related Telegram tweet post
7.Join and support conversations about Solve.Care
  • Max 350 CPs/mth
  • Welcome newcomers, news, new activities, new content, helpful insights
  • To ensure quality over quantity, around two-thirds of the maximum score is the quality score
Read, listen, respond, ask, help others learn about Solve.Care in the Telegram group.


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  • Who can participate in the Solve'n'Reward loyalty program?

    If you'd like to participate, please alert a moderator on Telegram so we can start to log your contributions. Any Telegram community member with a @username can participate.
  • When will Community Points be added?

    Points are usually added weekly, leading to a final update showing your total points for the month. We score all entries to the 15th, then just the Top 30 are scored from that point on.
  • What social media can I use for sharing?

    Share up-to-date Solve.Care news or blog links using your favorite social media channel/s. Ask for the minimum followers requirement, as this increases each month.
  • What item about Solve.Care can I share?

    Point us to a reliable item about Solve.Care you've read, seen or listened to (news item, blog, video, event) from which you've gained an insight readers will find of interest.
  • What is an AMA?

    AMA means Ask Me Anything. Simply participate in an event featuring a Solve.Care representative. When you ask a question that gets answered, claim 100 CPs for participating.
  • What do we mean by joining conversations?

    Read, listen, and ask questions of other community members. Back up your own views with facts. Welcome an event. Praise others' contributions. Respond to announcements.
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