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The SOLVE Token: A Snapshot

The SOLVE Token: A Snapshot

The SOLVE token is an essential element of the Solve.Care revolution. While our application of Distributed Ledger Technology is already seen as a ground-breaking way to bring everyone involved in healthcare together, SOLVE is equally important in connecting healthcare consumers, providers, and governments. Moreover, it connects the next-generation digital asset community to healthcare, thus letting the community tap the extra value created within healthcare in general through improved care and streamlined administration.

What is SOLVE?

SOLVE is the token of Solve.Care platform, and one of two means of exchange within the overall ecosystem. The other, called Care.Coin, is used internally within a particular care administration network for healthcare payments in the Solve.Care system.

SOLVE serves many purposes related to the operation and maintenance of the platform. For example, a healthcare provider (like insurance company, government agency, employer, clinic or hospital)  that wants to create a Solve.Care-driven Care Administration Network pays for this in SOLVE, including maintenance fee. Third-party extensions or apps produced within the developer community are also paid for in SOLVE.

Moreover, as they grow and need more Care.Wallets, more Care.Cards, and more Care.Coins, networks will have to buy them with SOLVE.

This will be important as Solve.Care spans the globe as a way to get rid of foreign currency uncertainty. Just as patients will pay for care within their healthcare network with Care.Coins no matter where in the world they are and not have to worry about foreign currency exchange issues, healthcare providers around the world will be able to build and interface networks through SOLVE tokens and remove currency question marks for their clients.

In the blockchain world, SOLVE would be the local equivalent to Ethereum’s ETHER in terms of paying for gas. The comparison to ETHER also fits because SOLVE is an ERC-20 token. It’s already held in thousands of wallets. These wallets are currently locked, but this is soon to change as our client’s on-going roll-out expands. Over 5,500 users are coming onboard during the first phase of the roll-out which is in gear and goes through the beginning of 2019.  These care providers, the patients that they work with, as well as administrators and insurers, will need SOLVE to operate within their network.

SOLVE worldwide

Solve.Care has global ambitions, and the SOLVE token is the perfect vehicle to carry them forward. Healthcare networks around the world will benefit from using a single token across the network no matter where in the world they are without worrying about exchange rates. The using of SOLVE to build and maintain a network simplifies payment issues for multinational entities and it is already possible.

This is just a snapshot of the SOLVE token, but even a quick look at it shows how much can – and is – happening in the Solve.Care ecosystem and how much SOLVE is needed within it. It’s a great differentiator when comparing various projects, and a cue to token owners as well. We’ll be taking deeper dives in future posts, to tell us what you’d like to see us cover when it comes to SOLVE!


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