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Jan 15


Apr 30

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Medical Token Sale

SOLVE is one of the first utility tokens in the medical token sale segment used for medical service payments. As a digital token, SOLVE gives token holders the right to use the Solve.Care platform. SOLVE is not a security token. It does not carry any security rights, such as equity, debt, dividend, profit sharing, or conversion to equity. However, we take a very conservative approach and treat our token buyers with the same level of disclosure and due diligence as one would if SOLVE was a security token. This is to protect our token buyers in case of regulatory audit.


Solve.Care Token Sale Results


350M SOLVE tokens were successfully sold through early-adopter sale (ended on November 30, 2017), pre-sale (January 15 – March 9, 2018), and token sale (March 31 – April 30, 2018). Clients, community, partners, and supporters of Solve.Care platform brought SOLVE tokens at a price range of $0.07-$0.20, due to promo discounts during each token sale stage.

Solve.Care Token Sale Insights from CEO

CEO Pradeep Goel shares insights on the results of Solve.Care token sale. He speaks about the token’s appearance on exchanges, gives an update on ACN partnership status, and the company’s ambitious plans for the next quarter and the rest of the year, including new client acquisitions. And he also talks about engaging the Community in developing Care.Cards.

Solve.Care Token Sale Reviews

One of the top 10 successful token sales in 2018

The best project at TNABC Miami 2018

One of the top 5 best token sales of February 2018

In terms of healthcare, a company called Solve.Care has undertaken the challenge of solving the existing problems in the healthcare system using the blockchain.

Solve.Care is a new project that uses Blockchain technology to create a more decentralized and transparent system for healthcare transactions, while reducing the annual healthcare costs in the world.

Solve.Care is a new, healthcare-focused company that aims to tackle many of the inefficiencies of the healthcare system using Blockchain technology

Solve.Care Solution

Solve.Care is a decentralized healthcare platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to streamline and accelerate healthcare processes, including payments. It reduces administrative burden and costs in healthcare and benefit programs.

The platform consists of four major components: Care.Wallet, Care.Protocol, Care. Cards, and Care.Coin. All combined, they enable parties to stay in sync, providing a brand new approach to benefits and care administration.

By decentralizing processes, Solve.Care puts control in the hands of stakeholders: patients, doctors, insurers, pharmacies, laboratories, providers, and others. Better access to care for patients and reduction of costs for both patients and providers are some of the benefits that the Solve.Care platform has to offer the global healthcare industry.


Meet the visionaries working behind the scenes.

Pradeep Goel


Pradeep has profound expertise in healthcare, finance, human services, and technology. For over 25 years he has been in various C-level roles at numerous innovative IT companies. Pradeep tirelessly worked on the design and implementation of public programs such as SNAP, TANF, Children’s health insurance, Medicare, mental health etc. He has worked for and with insurance companies, employer-sponsored benefits and US government programs related to healthcare, benefits, and financial administration.

Pradeep Goel has built 4 IT ventures in the healthcare industry. His name appeared several times at the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 and INC500/5000 lists of the fastest-growing companies. Goldman Sachs CEO named Pradeep one of 100 most promising entrepreneurs worldwide.

Vadym Vorobiov

Chief Technology Officer

Ed Odjaghian

Head of Client Solution Delivery

David Randall, Ph.D.

Senior Policy Advisor

Mariya Ozadovskaya

Head of Marketing and Communications

Advisory Board

Karen L. Bowling

Strategic Advisor

James Moran

Strategic Advisor

Jack Friou

Strategic Advisor

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