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Solve.Care is named as the best project of The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami

Chipin, blockchain and cryptocurrency news media, has named Solve.Care as the top favorite pick for the ICO startups presenting at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.

(US, Delaware – Jan. 30) On January 18-19 Solve.Care team visited The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) in Miami, where CEO Pradeep Goel presented Solve.Care platform to 3,000 + attendees of the event. Mr. Goel opened a wide discussion on how a Blockchain solution is going to replace the 3rd party administration model of healthcare with automation and accountability.

Chipin has published an in-depth article with a recap of the most promising projects on Blockchain introduced during TNABC, where Solve.Care is rated as number one among all presenters. The media was impressed with the list of advisors that includes David Randall, Ph.D, the Honourable James Moran who served in the U.S. House of Representatives between 1991 and 2015, Donald Upson, a former cabinet secretary of Technology for the state of Virginia, and Chris Peterson, who has over three decades of experience in the health sector including a stint as Vice President of Legal Affairs with the Health Insurance Association of America.

According to Chipin, “Healthcare provision – from medical records management to paying for services and obtaining medication and supply and insurance coverage – is one of the hot areas of blockchain disruption and will be for some time. There are multiple players now entering the market globally – and Solve.Care is on the leading edge of them. One of the reasons this is an impressive entrant into the market is the clearly comprehensive take the company has used to approach a problem that is amorphous but driving costs and complexity at every step of the healthcare provision and insurance question. This includes the integration of services, billing, records, payments and provision into health insurance and in such a way that medical and financial privacy and security is maximized throughout. Further, it is precisely the threat of unauthorized aggregation of healthcare data that has also stymied previous reform. In the U.S. this is governed in the healthcare space specifically by a law called the HIPPA.”

Solve.Care platform is a highly innovative platform for decentralized administration of benefits and coordination of healthcare globally. Solve.Care comes in as a solution to many of the problems associated with health care administration and the wide range of functions required to administer health benefits in a seamless and cost-effective manner with greater efficiency.

Solve.Care Foundation has announced the start of the pre-sale of its platform tokens. CAN is the native token of the Solve.Care platform and will be available via the pre-sale beginning on January 15, 2018. Price for CAN tokens has been set at $0.07 representing a discount of 30% from base price of $0.10. The pre-sale is available to anyone worldwide but US entities should be accredited. Buyers will be required to provide proof of identity and residence.

Solve.Care Foundation was established with the goal to revolutionize administration of healthcare and other benefit programs globally. The stated mission of Solve.Care is to “Make healthcare and benefit programs work better for everyone.” The platform brings a relationship centric approach to care coordination, administration and payments that addresses all three pillars of healthcare: clinical, administrative and financial.

Solve.Care platform is designed to enable insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals and providers, pharmacies and businesses to build care coordination and delivery networks and engage their stakeholders. Solve.Care is launching a number of ground breaking innovations such as Care.Wallet, Care.Cards, Care.Coins, Care.Vault and Care.Protocol through their platform. Solve.Care is implementing the relationship centric approach by using distributed ledger technology and Blockchain.

CEO of the company Pradeep Goel spent more than 26 years in healthcare IT. During this time Pradeep Goel has built 4 healthcare IT companies and has been at the top of INC500 fastest growing companies lists multiple times. Pradeep is also on the 100 most promising entrepreneurs worldwide compiled by Goldman Sachs CEO.

In 2011, he was appointed by Governor of North Dakota to HITAC council to help direct state-wide health records initiatives for insurers and consumers. From 2012 to 2017 Pradeep has been working with healthcare initiatives of two US Presidents to design and build several public program solutions including Medicaid, Medicare, social services, children’s health, mental health and many other programs.

The Solve.Care Advisory Board is comprised of highly experienced public figures such as Congressman James Moran, Director Karen Bowling, Secretary Donald Upson and other experts who are inspired by the Solve.Care global mission.

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